Help the Victims of Harvey


ECF Family and Friends,

Our hearts continue to break for the city of Houston, and the devastation that hurricane Harvey has caused. As the church you know we never turn away from these disasters. We refuse to stay on the sidelines when suffering people need us to get into the game. So, after much discussion, prayer, and counsel from experts who deal with these kinds of tragedies regularly, here is our initial response to the overwhelming need in Texas:

  • First, ECF has already sent a $10,000 gift from our Acts 2 Fund to World Vision, who has had staff on the ground in Houston since the storm hit shore. They will direct those funds to the areas of greatest need in the days to come.
  • We will be taking an offering the next two Sundays, September 3 & 10. Come prepared to give and as we give back let’s be praying and believing that God will work in the miraculous and bring healing to the city of Houston.

Let’s be the hands and feet of Christ in a tangible way during one of the greatest natural calamities in recent history. Once again, I love being your Pastor.

See you Sunday!