Sunday: The Best Day of the Week

bwphoto1Hi everyone!

This morning I was the first to arrive at the office. As I entered the building I was struck by the near complete silence. It was, frankly, a bit creepy! But almost immediately I remembered Sunday morning and the feeling I had (this is actually an every Sunday ritual) as I walked out of my office into the sanctuary. Even before I could exit the office area I was greeted by the loud noise of people checking in their kids for class, others enjoying the summertime free coffee and donut holes & making their way into the sanctuary. A refreshingly different vibe, to say the least.

What made the difference? The presence of God and the people, of course! God has blessed ECF with a beautiful campus and I love coming to work here every day. But it’s when people gather here to catch up with friends, worship God and feed from His Word that makes the building even more attractive!

I hope today has launched you into a fantastic week. Can’t wait to get together again!


Pastor Gary