Jun 2017

Summer is fast approaching, and that means warmer weather, longer days, and a chance to invest in your leadership and influence skills. We are all leaders—even if you don’t run a team, have a fancy title, or spend your week preparing sermons. If you have influence, you are leading someone. And when a leader gets better, everyone around them gets better, too. ECF is hosting the Global Leadership Summit for the 8th year on August 10-11. We know it’s a commitment in your professional and personal life to attend the Summit, so we......

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Jan 2017

Hello Everyone! I hope you’re doing well and staying warm. We felt the wise decision was to cancel the service this morning and stay off the roads. We’ve rescheduled Wayne Cordeiro for February 19. I do hope you’re joining me in our daily reading and praying through the Lord’s Prayer. Today’s reading from John 6 is challenging from many angles. I was stopped in my tracks by verse 15. “When Jesus saw that they were ready to force him to be their king, he slipped away into the hills by himself.” John......

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