ECF is on the City

You can’t come to ECF very long without hearing and seeing references to “The City“. But what is it?

The City is:


  • a website designed to help us interact as a church family. The site you’re on right now (www.ecf.org) is our public website which provides information to people that are interested in learning more about us as a church. The City is a separate website we use as a church family to communicate with each other, plan events, and list opportunities to serve.
  • a secure, private environment. You’ll need an email invitation to join The City, and then you will need to sign in to use the website. This makes The City a safe place to do things like share a prayer request with your friends, give online, and view your giving history.
  • a way to enhance real relationships. It gives every person in the church powerful tools to make new friends and strengthen existing relationships. The City is made up of groups built around a common interest or purpose. Each group on The City (there are over 100 groups so far!) represents real life, face-to-face relationships —people who meet together physically and use the City to easily connect/communicate/coordinate throughout the week.

In other words, The City is specifically designed to help us build a healthy church community!

You’re welcome to just come to ECF on Sunday mornings and enjoy worshiping together with us, and you obviously don’t need The City to do that. But once you decide you’re ready to make friends here and want to get involved in giving, serving and growing together with us, The City is the place to be!

How do I join?
Joining the City is easy. Just stop by the Information Counter in the main lobby after service and request a City invitation email, then head home and check your email! Once you receive your invitation, follow the directions to sign up and fill out your profile. In no time you’ll be exploring this awesome resource for connecting here at ECF!

I’ve joined, but I can’t remember where to sign in!
To sign in to The City, type ecf.onthecity.org into the address bar of any internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc). You can also click on The City logo at the top of this page, or the “View This On The City” link in any email you get from The City.