Sermons by Denver Harris



This past Sunday we had one of our Worship and Prayer mornings based on the Revelations 5:8.  Here is Pastor Gary’s message about R58, as well as prayers based on the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew...



Speaker: | April 08, 2018

Church Elder Denver Harris shares a message about the capability of the Holy Spirit to set about complete transformation in the most dispirited lives.


Encouragement: Handling Failure

Speaker: | March 18, 2018

Church Elder Denver Harris shares a great message about encouragement, and how we can handle failure knowing that God doesn’t look with judgement on our past, but with knowing of our potential for the future.


Transition: In the Midst

Speaker: | August 06, 2017

Guest Speaker Denver Harris shares a message from our Bible reading plan about the times in our lives when God is transitioning us.  Sometimes it’s hard to see, but like when Peter felt he had...