Sermons by Pastor Gary Clark


Great Questions of the Bible

Speaker: | June 03, 2018

Pastor Gary shares a great message highlighting some of the great questions of the Bible as we get ready to unpack these ideas throughout the summer.



This past Sunday we had one of our Worship and Prayer mornings based on the Revelations 5:8.  Here is Pastor Gary’s message about R58, as well as prayers based on the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew...


Come Together

Speaker: | April 29, 2018

Pastor Gary shares a great message out of Ephesians about the body of the church, and how it is represented by the dry bones in the valley coming together.


Three Responses to the Resurrection

Speaker: | April 01, 2018

Pastor Gary delivers a powerful Easter message about how three of Jesus’ followers (Mary Magdeline, Peter and Thomas) reacted to Jesus’ death and then His resurrection, and how many of us are like these three.


SHAPED for a Purpose

Speaker: | February 25, 2018

Pastor Gary shares a great message about how God has perfectly and uniquely shaped you to be a part of the body of the church.


Jesus Is: Building His Church

Speaker: | February 11, 2018

Pastor Gary shares the final installment of our Jesus Is series with a fantastic message about Jesus’s mission during His time on Earth to establish a group of followers, and how the Holy Spirit is...

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