Eugene Churches Men’s Softball


Welcome to the Eugene Churches Men’s Softball page.  If you have not already, please make sure and register for softball.  Everyone must fill out a release form before participating!

  • 1. The home team of the first game is responsible for getting the field ready for play. This includes bases in place, mound moved (if necessary) and basic lines chalked and 3 balls placed on dugout behind home plate for the umpire for the 2 games. The home team of the second game is in turn in charge of taking down the field.
  • 2. Home Run Limit Rule
    There will once again be a home run limit. One team may not have more than 3 over the fence home runs more than the other team. ie, If one team has 4 and the other has 1, a 5th homerun would give them 4 more than their opponent and would instead be an out.
  • 1. Runner must hit the orange base at 1st base unless actively rounding to 2nd with no play to be made by the defense at 1st base.
  • 2. If a ball goes under/through the fence, fielders put hands up in the air and it’s a ground rule double.
  • 3. If a ball flies through a gap in the fence and is below fence height it’s a ground rule double. If the ball flies over a gap above the fence height, it’s a home run. This is fielders honor.
  • 4. No contact at home plate. Catcher should stand forward of the base line toward the outfield and reach back for the tag once the ball is acquired. If a runner is obstructed by a catcher without the ball, the runner may run out of the base path and will be considered safe. If a catcher has the ball and is in the base path, the runner must give himself up or attempt to return to 3rd. Absolutely no running into the catcher.
  • 5. A game may be started by a team with no less than 8 players on the field/batting lineup.
  • 6. A team may borrow up to 3 players from another team to make 8, 9 or 10. If a player for a team arrives late, substitutes may continue to play. When borrowing players, you should not seek out the best players and ask them to play. Make an open invitation. If more than 4 players are borrowed, the game can be played for fun, but will result in a forfeit of that team.
  • 7. A courtesy runner is allowed for players who are genuinely in pain/not able to run. The runner will be the last out made. (last out of current inning, or last inning or, if no outs have been made that inning. Last person on batting order if no outs have been made in the game.
  • 8. There is no mercy “rule” but generally when one team is ahead by 12 runs after the 5th inning losing team has the option to keep going or concede, if time allows.
  • 9. If a player who would have otherwise been safe, instead makes an effort to avoid contact and is subsequently tagged or thrown out, the umpire may make a determination to allow that player to be safe.
  • 10. We reserve the right to remove anyone from the league for sportsmanship related issues after a consultation with that player and that player’s coach, and if necessary, another coach or administrator.
  • 11. In the event of a tie at the end of 7 innings, an 8th inning will be played if said 8th inning begins before 7:15pm (time of next game’s scheduled start) or while daylight permits (for 2nd game.) If game is still tied after allotted time, a tie will unfortunately be awarded. (nobody likes ties, but such is life.)
  • 12. For playoff seeding the order of seeds is determined by: 1. Overall winning % (ties do not count as wins or losses). 2. Head to head record. 3. Head to head record against common opponents (if they have not played head to head). 4. Coinflip. In the case of 3 way ties, a coin flip will usually be used unless there is a clear head to head winner of the group (ie. one team has beat the other two, they will get the higher seed)
  • 13. This is a standard rule, but just clarifying that if a fielder catches a ball in play (foul territory or in the field) and carries the ball out of bounds (past the dugout fence line) the out is recorded but runners advance a base.
  • 14. Players are allowed to substitute into lineup (once) as needed (for late arrival) with notification to the book keeper and out of the lineup (once) as needed. ie. If a player arrives late he can be added to the lineup or has to leave early or is injured, may be scratched from the lineup without penalty.

Remember, we are all out there to have fun, enjoy the sunshine, get some exercise, fellowship with other good men from around Eugene and engage in friendly Christ honoring competition.  Last year’s sportsmanship overall was exemplary.   I’m looking forward to a great year of softball with you all, and may God bless our season and keep us free of injury!